Employee Satisfaction Survey

NMSU’s Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA) contracted with Noel-Levitz, an educational consulting firm, to conduct the 2014 Employee Satisfaction Survey on the request of the Employee Council and The Diversity Council. President Garrey Carruthers plans to use the results of this survey to improve the employment experience of all employees across the NMSU system.

The aggregated results data, analyses of the results, and OIA presentations will be posted on this website as they become available. Should you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact OIA at irpoa@nmsu.edu or 646-1720.


How long was the survey open?

The survey was administered between October 17 (9:00 am) and November 10 (5:00 pm), 2014.

Were employees required to complete the survey?

No one was required to complete the survey, and they could skip any questions they preferred not to answer.

Was this survey really anonymous?

YES. Other than the incentive page, the survey did not include the respondent’s name, ID, nor was it coded. The demographic questions at the end of the survey were used only for categorizing data responses. The incentive information was removed from any survey responses by Noel-Levitz and sent in a separate data file to OIA that contained only the name, email address and selection for the incentive for those respondents who supplied this information. The survey response data received by OIA had none of this information included. Noel-Levitz removed any data they used for running the survey (such as IP addresses) before sending the data file to OIA. They value the protection of NMSU’s data, and their analysts made sure the data was anonymous. All comments were separated from the question responses. The comments cannot/will not be connected to the responses to any of the survey questions. The comment file was sent as a separate data file to OIA.

Who received the data and how will it be analyzed?

Noel-Levitz received all data from the survey. They provided a preliminary analysis and the raw, anonymous data to OIA who will complete additional analyses as requested by the President and various campus organizations and offices.